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The Southern African History Musings of Ross Dix-Peek

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The White African
The White African

Ross Dix-Peek

O’er the great ocean seas
My ancestors did choose to flee
Europe’s rumblings and poverty
And to “Darkest Africa” did journey

T’was many, many years past,
When Queen Vic’ was still at the mast
When my forebears resolute did come
To live ‘neath the great African sun

Since has Mother Africa suckled our young
To us her lullabies and sweet songs sung
And all this time ‘neath her fiery mantle
Did my people in Africa live, toil and battle

Africa be not for the mild and the meek
Tis no place at all for the feeble and the weak
And the days oft be savage and so very long
Yes, tis only for the brave and the very strong

Many generations did pass, and many years shorn
Before I too upon African soil was born
Like my fathers’ before, a White African
Created and cast ‘neath her scorching sun

And although I have since her rugged shores left
My soul to Mother Africa’s bosom will forever be cleft
And though I may miss the tight embrace of an African sun
It matters not, for I will forever be a White African!