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if you're interested in the South African Bush War (1966-1989) and in particular the South African Air Force's (SAAF) role therein, then you might want to read this informative article written in 1986 by journalist, Mike Gaines, entitled "Bush War" and freely accessible on the Flight Global Archives website, a truly fantastic  website for aeroplane enthusiasts and historians alike.

The part I really enjoyed is when Dave, the pilot of a
"Bosbok" observation aircraft, remarks in regard to the Mirage III's flying 50-feet above the ground that they (namely Dave and his fellow Bosbok pilots) don't "go in for that Flammie stuff,"..."it's a bit on the high side" (preferring to fly tree-top level, roughly 30 feet above the ground). LOL! Now that's seat of your pants flying.  



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